2 Reasons To Have A Water Damage Inspection Performed After A Flood

One of the most difficult types of damage to discover in your home is water damage, mostly because any kind of water damage can lead to all kinds of other complications that can lead to some very expensive repair bills. Listed below are two reasons to have your home inspected following the flooding of the home or any individual rooms in the house.

Safety Hazards

A major cause for concern after any type of flooding is that your home may actually not be all that safe or secure after the flooding has done its damage. For example, if any of the water had made it into your walls then there is a good chance that your support beams may have been compromised. Since many support beams are typically made out of wood, the exposure to a lot of water could easily cause the beams to rot, which can compromise the structural strength of the home. 

Another safety concern to keep in mind after a flood is that your door or window frames have warped. This can result in doors or windows that appear to close, but may not close enough to actually latch or lock into place without providing a substantial amount of force, and sometimes that may not even work. However, a water damage inspector can look for both of the aforementioned safety hazards so that you can pass that information on to a repair service or contractor in order to ensure that the issues are resolved.

Hidden Damage

One of the hard parts about dealing with water damage after a flood is that much of the damage can occur in a way that you simply cannot see with the naked eye. For example, just because water has gotten into your walls and floors does not necessarily mean that you will see stains on the walls or warped floors. This is because water from a flood can easily get into the walls in one portion of the home and cause damage in the space behind your walls in other rooms without leaving a visible trace in those other rooms.

This is dangerous because it can result in you simply hiring someone to repair the visible damage only to still have untreated damage throughout the home that can cause a lot of problems, such as mold, in the future. The good news is that a water damage inspector will be able to search out as much of the water damage as possible without having to rip open your walls and floors. Instead, the inspector will go to every room in the house and use moisture sensors to detect moisture levels in the floors and the air while also utilizing thermal cameras that can detect water pockets or traces of water damage through the outer layer of the wall.

Contact a water damage service today in order to schedule an inspection if your home has recently flooded or if you believe that it has been flooded in the past. A water damage inspection can help you by identifying safety hazards and hidden damage that you can then have the water damage repair service or a contractor resolve.