3 Tips To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Bathroom

Mold growth can be a nasty problem, but unfortunately, it can be a common one. This is especially true in the bathroom, where steamy showers and hot water from the faucet can create a warm, moist environment that is perfect for mold growth. Luckily, following these three tips can help you prevent the growth of mold in this part of your home.

1. Air it Out

First of all, you'll want to air out your bathroom and let out as much of the humidity as possible. Not only can this help prevent mold growth, but it can make for much more comfortable conditions in the bathroom, too. Many bathrooms have exhaust fans, so make sure to turn yours on when you are in the shower or bath tub and to leave it on for a while after you are finished. The exhaust fan will help suck the humidity out of the room, helping to prevent mold. If you do not have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you can also crack the bathroom window for similar results.

2. Keep the Shower Dry

Allowing your shower to stay dripping wet can help cause mold to breed, so use a squeegee to carefully whisk away water from the shower walls and shower door. Not only can this help prevent the growth of mold in your shower, but it can also make your shower a whole lot easier to clean in general, since it can help prevent soap scum, water spots and other imperfections that can be tough to wash away.

3. Clean with Bleach

Bleach can be used to kill existing mold on the surface and can remove mold spores before you even know that you have a problem, so use a bleach cleaner in your bathroom on a regular basis to get rid of mold and to keep your bathroom clean and sanitary. Just remember to use proper ventilation when cleaning with bleach, and consider using a face mask if you aren't able to open up a window or otherwise air out the room while you're cleaning.

Mold growth can be a nasty thing to deal with, and it can be particularly prevalent in the bathroom. However, you aren't doomed to dealing with mold forever. Instead, follow these three tips, and you should be able to prevent its growth in this part of your home. If you do find that you have a mold issue, however, consider working with a mold remediation professional to get rid of the problem initially; then, follow these tips to help prevent it from coming back.