Five Reasons To Treat Water Damage As An Emergency

Whether you've experienced a dishwasher leak that flooded your entire kitchen floor, a burst pipe somewhere in the walls, or a couple of feet of water in your basement from a flood, calling in the professionals is definitely the right thing to do. But did you know that if you wait a few hours or a day to call them, the situation can worsen considerably? It may not be convenient for your work schedule to call immediately, but it'll be worth it in the long run. Here are five reasons you should call now instead of waiting until it's a little more convenient.

1. Mold

Even if you've never had a mold problem in your home before, mold can develop quickly in a wet environment. If your water damage isn't dried up and aired out within about one day, mold spores can take root and colonize the water damaged areas of your house. Mold spores are tiny enough to float in unseen whenever you open your front door, and they can flourish in a damp area no matter how clean you keep your house.

2. Contamination

Even if the water was clean when it spilled, it can absorb contaminants from its surroundings and its quality will begin to deteriorate. Professionals in water damage remediation refer to three levels of water contamination sometimes referred to as clean water, "gray" water, and "black" water. Your water damage may originate from a clean source such as a faucet or supply pipe, but if left overnight its quality will go downhill until it becomes "gray" water, the slightly hazardous type. Clean water makes cleanup easier and safer, so don't wait until the next day before getting help.

3. Spreading of damage

Water damage is difficult to contain because any porous material that the water touches will start to wick it away from the original damaged area, increasing the extent of the damage. To stop the water damage from spreading you have to get all the water dried up immediately because this effect can start almost instantly after the damage occurs. 

4. Compounded damage

In addition to spreading, water damage can worsen each hour it's left. It can discolor wood, soak through sheetrock until large portions of the wall need replacing, lift wallpaper from walls, dissolve particle board, destroy finishes, and more. It's in your best interest to stop the damage as soon as possible.

5. Expense

In addition to causing expensive damage that increases the longer you let it sit, water damage will also require lengthier remediation as it worsens. This means the professionals will have more work to do and consequently will charge you more money for the job.

If you wait to call in the professionals until after the water has soaked through sheetrock, grown mold, and spread to an area twice the size of the original damage, you'll lose time, money, indoor air quality, and perhaps some possessions that will need replacing because they're so badly damaged. Do yourself a favor and call a company like Servicemaster of Buncombe County as soon as you find water damage instead of trying to fit it into your schedule later.