Restored To Perfection: 3 Tips To Properly Polish Your Vintage Plane

If you're in the process of restoring a vintage airplane, you're going to need to keep it looking pristine once you're done. You don't want to spend your time and energy restoring it just to end up with a lackluster shine. Your vintage plane is going to need routine cleaning and polishing. To provide the most resilient shine, it's important that you follow a few simple steps. These steps will ensure that you don't harm your plane while you're trying to polish it. Here are three steps you should follow when polishing your vintage plane.

Consider the Metal

Before you start polishing your plane, you need to consider the metal that was used. The type of metal that was used in the construction will determine the type of polish you should use. For instance, if your vintage plane is a steel barrel design, you'll need to use a different polishing technique than if it's another type of metal, such as aluminum. While most aircraft polish is designed to work well on any type of metal, the application process is different. Before you start polishing your vintage plane, make sure you've considered the metal and are following the proper process.

Take Care of the Prep Work Before You Start Polishing

One of the worst things you can do is apply the polish to a vintage plane before you have all of your supplies set up. Applying the polish before you're ready could mean that the polish dries on the plane while you look for the rest of your gear. To keep your vintage plane looking its best, you're going to need more than just the polish. Here's some of the equipment you should have set up before you begin polishing your aircraft.

  • Fine sandpaper – to remove minor scratches and imperfections
  • Aircraft polisher – be sure it's designed for aircraft detailing
  • Polish – choose the polish that's best suited for your plane
  • Soft, clean cloths – to buff the areas you can't get to with the polisher

Use Scaffolding

If you're planning on using a ladder to reach the upper-most areas of your plane, you might want to change your plans. Ordinary ladders don't provide the stability you'll need to do a thorough polishing. Instead, you'll need to use scaffolding when cleaning and polishing your vintage plane. The scaffolding will allow you to move along the plane without the need to constantly adjust the ladder.

Now that you're restoring a vintage plane, you want to make sure it retains its beauty once you're done. Use the tips provided above to polish your plane effectively. Contact a company like Planes by Mike for more information.