3 Ideas To Help Address Problem Areas To Reduce Roof Repairs

With any roof, one of the problems that you are likely to face is leaks. The leaks on your roof happen in typical places, such as where there is flashing or changes in angles on the roof design. If you want to prevent problems and repairs, you may want to consider improvements like adding an underlayment below flashing or installing a small water diverter to keep water away from problem areas of your roof. Here are some tips to help you make improvements that can help prevent leaks in problem areas on your roof:

1. Installing Rubber Membrane Under Flashing In Problem Areas

Rubber membranes can be a good improvement to add to your roof. It can be costly to install on your entire roof but may be something to think about if you need a roof replacement. Instead of the entire roof, you may want to consider adding a rubber membrane to areas of your roof like below flashing in valleys, or under the shingles at the eaves where ice dams and debris can cause water problems.

2. Add Diversion Structure For Areas That Cause Water Traps And Runoff Problems

There are also many places on your roof where water can become trapped or where runoff can be a problem. This is a common issue in the areas behind chimneys and near second-floor walls. To solve this problem and reduce the potential for leaks, structures can be installed to divert the water and improve the runoff of your roof. This is often something that can improve issues with many different roof structures.

3. Reducing The Amount Of Vents And Mechanical Penetrations On The Roof

The penetrations on your roof can also be a problem, such as areas where plumbing vents come out of the roof or where you have roof vents. Reducing the amount of mechanical penetrations can help stop roof leaks. If you have a chimney on the roof, it can be made bigger and used for additional mechanicals like plumbing vents. For the roof vents, consider solutions like continuous roof vents or architectural details like cupolas that provide ventilation.

These are some tips to help you make improvements to prevent problems with leaks on your roof. If you have a roof that is leaking and want to stop it, contact a storm damage repair contractor and talk with them about some of these ideas to prevent future problems. To find out more, speak with someone like Wolfe's Contracting.