After The Flood: The Best Replacement Materials

Once your home has flooded, you have a lot of recovering to do, even with the help of professionals. When you are having flooring or other home materials replaced, you can choose those that are most resistant to water in case you face this situation again. Good choices now can make a flood recurrence less painful to endure.


As you undoubtedly know, your wet carpet poses several issues. Once it has been soaked, your carpet and the pad beneath it can easily become the home to out-of-control mold growth. Once mold takes hold, you have to rip out the carpet and choose more flooring. If you like the feel of carpet in your basement or other rooms, experts recommend choosing carpet tiles in the future. That way, you can simply pull out the wet squares, have them cleaned, and then replace them. Of course, other surfaces such as ceramic tile or even stamped concrete are ideal for areas that are susceptible to flooding. A flood should not ruin them.


Your walls are also vulnerable to moisture, whether it is directly in contact with flooding or simply exposed to excess moisture. For basements or other vulnerable areas, you consider installing cement board, ceramic wall tile, or solid stone or stone tile. These substances are attractive, durable, and water-resistant. You will be more protected in case of another flooding situation, but your home will not look like a bunker or an ark. 


Consider using "outdoor" furniture for areas in your home that are susceptible to flooding. Many truly attractive pieces of patio furniture are water-resistant and comfortable. You can choose dining furniture, comfortable chairs, and even sofas and loveseats. In addition, you can make them waterproof instead of merely water resistant. You will need to purchase quality waterproofing products. Then, you will thoroughly clean the items and make certain that they are dry. Keep everything well away from kids, pets, and plants and then apply the product. If your home floods again, this furniture should be able to withstand the water, allowing you and your family to recover more quickly.

Flood damage can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. Although you will need professional help if it happens to your home, you can make the recovery process much simpler if you plan ahead. Purchase water-resistant wall and flooring materials and consider non-conventional furniture choices. If water has overtaken your home, make certain you are better prepared if floodwaters rise again. 

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