Have A Composite Deck? Learn How To Care For It

When you initially selected the material for your deck, you may have selected composite materials because they last a long time and do not require much maintenance over the years. That said, composite decking shouldn't be ignored or treated roughly if you want it to continue to look beautiful. These tips will help composite decking look great.

Things To Avoid Doing

A composite deck can easily become gouged or scratched just like a wood deck can. In order to prevent this from occurring, you should never use sharp objects when working on your deck. For example, avoid using metal shovels to remove snow on the deck. If you have ice buildup, dump hot water on the area to melt the ice instead of chipping away at it when a shovel.

Avoid covering a composite deck with plastic or carpeting. It can restrict airflow to the spaces between the many boards of the deck, which will encourage mildew and mold to grow in those small spaces.  

Cleaning Your Deck

Since composite decking requires minimal maintenance, you won't have to clean the material regularly. When you do clean it, you must follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the composite decking. There will be restrictions on the kind of products that you are allowed to use, as well as restrictions on the strength of water used with a pressure washer.

Between any deep cleanings, sweep off the deck and clean out vegetation growing under it. It's easy for pollen to get trapped between the gaps in the boards due to plants growing underneath the deck, which can cause algae to grow. Thankfully, pollen is easy to remove using your garden hose to spray down the deck. Just aim the hose directly between the gaps.

For those with a grill on their deck, lay down a rug with a rubber backing on it underneath the grill when it is being used. This should help prevent grease from falling onto the composite decking. If grease does find its way onto the decking, use a cleaning agent designed for removing grease as quickly as you can.

Compositing decking may be designed to last as long as 25 years, but things can happen to it that can cause long lasting damage and shorten its lifespan. If you need your composite decking restored due to mistakes you have made in maintenance, contact a local deck restoration company that can do it for you. For more information, look into a company like Thunder Struck Restorations LLC.