Keep Your Gutters In Good Condition For Years With 3 Easy Tips

The gutters on your rooftop are responsible for diverting rainwater away from the roof, helping with drainage and ensuring that the roof doesn't get damaged during a storm. While cleaning out the gutters is an obvious step towards keeping them in good condition, there are a number of other things that you can do to ensure that they stay in great shape over the years. If you're unsure of what you can do to keep your rain gutters in the best condition, consider some of the following tips.

Avoid Grabbing onto the Gutters While Climbing on the Roof

When climbing onto the roof, either to hang Christmas lights or to clean debris off after a storm, it can be tempting to reach for the gutters while climbing off the ladder. However, doing so can potentially cause damage to the gutters. While the gutters are likely mounted securely to the roof, they can still become loose, especially if you're putting your weight on them and pulling. Keeping your hands off the gutters except for when you're cleaning will help make sure that the gutters aren't receiving more wear-and-tear than necessary.

Make a Habit of Routine Gutter Cleaning

Many homeowners make the mistake of skipping routine gutter cleaning and leaving the service to only be done once or twice a year. Setting aside an hour every month to clean the gutters, especially during rainy seasons, will keep them from being filled with debris and loosening because of the extra weight.

When cleaning the gutters, you'll want to use specific tools designed for pushing the debris out of the gutter. Another thing you should involve in your routine gutter cleaning is tightening anything that may become loose with a screwdriver.

Prioritize Gutter Cleaning After Any Heavy Storms

While regular gutter cleaning should be a necessity, it's also important that you pay close attention to the gutters after a heavy storm. Heavy storms bring more wind and rain, filling the gutters with debris more quickly. By keeping this in mind, you'll be able to move forward with extensive gutter cleaning after a storm.

Keeping rain gutters in good condition is a necessity for protecting your roof since it's the best way to keep debris out and diverting rain from the roof. While you can certainly take care of gutter cleaning on your own, you can remove the hassle and contact a professional like Gutter Magician NKY instead.