3 Sure Ways To Stop Water From Getting In Your Basement

One of the places in a home susceptible to water damage is the basement. Whether you have a finished basement or not, water coming in through the foundation can cause your foundation to weaken and mold and mildew to get into your home. Even if your basement has never had issues with water leaking in, it very well could if you don't do the following to keep water out:

Fix the Weak Spots First

Before you do anything else to safeguard your foundation, you need to check the interior and exterior of the cement for weak spots. Cracking, chips, and settling will make your home susceptible to water damage in the basement. It's the cheapest foundation repair to maintain the cement of the foundation by having cracks and other minimal damage covered with new cement. Fixing the minor cracks from the initial settlement of your home will help reinforce the foundation and prevent additional shifting in the foundation.

Seal It Off Regularly

Cement is easily damaged over time by water. Aside from settling, cracking occurs when water wears away at the particles in cement pores and spreads. A sealant coat is usually good for a couple of years, but it can start to wear away in a few months if you live in an area with a lot of harsh weather. You can find a sealant that is applied as a clear coating, but there are a variety of sealants that have different color finishes that enhance the appearance of your foundation. A color coating can be a good way to go because you can see as the color and finish fades that you need to apply a new coat.

Install Drains to Move Away Excessive Water

Once a foundation contractor has properly prepped your foundation by repairing minor damage and sealing the foundation inside and out, you will want to add an additional line of defense--foundation drains. Foundation drains are underground, similar to a sprinkler system's pipes. They are places near the home, and they capture underground water and stop it from pooling up around the ground near your foundation. Once the water is in the drainage pipes, it is redirected away from the home. It's the first line of defense against unexpected heavy rain that might otherwise cause flooding or leaking in the basement.

Maintaining your foundation with minor crack repairs, as well as keeping up on the regular sealing of the concrete will keep your cement strong and looking good. Adding a drain will prevent excessive water contact with the foundation, particularly underground. Investing in these things will save you money on big repairs and keep your home's foundation strong for many years. Companies like Do-All Contracting may be able to help meet your needs in this area.