Where Mold Can Be Hiding In Your Home

Do you think you have what it takes to spot mold in your house? You may be surprised to know that it can be hiding in the oddest places. Here are three places that you could be dealing with hidden mold growth.

Behind Walls

The hardest places to identify mold is when it is hidden behind your walls. This can happen for several reasons, but the main one is a leaking pipe that runs up to the second floor of your home. If the pipe is leaking in a place where you cannot see it, you could have hidden mold growth where the pipe is located. You won't know for sure unless you rip out a portion of the wall to check, but a professional mold removing company can identify the problem for you.

Mold can also end up behind walls thanks to an over-sized air conditioner. If the air has problems making its way through the vents at high speeds, condensation can form on the outside of the metal ductwork. That water drips off the metal and forms mold just like a leaking pipe. The dark area between the walls ends up making the ideal place for mold growth without you knowing about it.

In Fabrics

Any place that uses fabric is a prime spot for hidden mold. All it takes is for the fabric to get wet without you knowing to cause mold growth. This can easily happen if you have carpeting on a basement floor, and you have water seeping up from the foundation. You'll never see the water come in, but the carpet padding will get wet in the process.

Under Vanities

All of the plumbing for a bathroom sink is going to connect to your water system inside your bathroom vanity cabinet. Unfortunately, the connections are out of sight and out of mind for the most part. A leaking connection can easily lead to mold growth from water dripping down to the floor and hiding underneath the vanity. You may even ignore the odor left from the mold because you might assume it is a normal bathroom smell since there is a lot of water that gets run in the bathroom on a daily basis.

Are you not sure about where the mold is hiding in your home? Consider contacting a local mold removal service. Mold removers will have the experience and tools to help find mold anywhere in your home.