4 Foundation Repair Tips To Stop Structural Damage And Prevent Water Problems

If you have a problem with growing cracks on the exterior walls of your home, then this could be a problem with your foundation that will only get worse. Sometimes, these foundation damage problems can also cause issues with water that damage your home. Therefore, you will want to know what needs to be done to repair the foundation and prevent further damage to your home:

1. Pier Jacking Solutions to Correct Problems with Load Points Sinking and Causing Damage

Pier jacking is a common technique that is used to correct problems with settling foundations and structural damage. The process is done by driving pier supports through the soil and down to the bedrock to provide support to jack up the settling. Pier jacking can be used to correct damage due to settling in soft soils and prevent these problems from getting worse.

2. Concrete Leveling Solutions to Correct Erosion Problems with Slabs Due to Bad Drainage

Concrete leveling solutions can be used to correct problems with soil erosion that can cause concrete slabs to crack and have damage. The problems with the soil erosion may also cause damage to footings that requires repairs like pier jacking or new footings to be installed. Once the concrete leveling and repairs have been done, make sure that the drainage is improved to prevent future erosion problems.

3. Dealing with The Cracks in Basement Foundations That Are Caused by Static Water Pressure

The problems with basement foundations are often due to static water pressure that comes from poor drainage and groundwater causing pressure. This static water pressure causes cracks that can lead to leaks and water problems in your basement. Therefore, it is important to repair the damage, as well as improve drainage design to reduce the stress on foundation walls. When you have had foundation walls repaired, you will want to have them inspected every few years to ensure they are holding up.

4. The Problems with Crawl Space Foundations and Standing Water That Can Lead to Serious Problems

There are also problems that can affect crawl space foundations, such as failing piers, poor drainage, and erosion. Some of the problems can also include groundwater that seeps up through the soil and causing problems with standing water. When you repair the damage to the foundation in these situations, you may also want to consider improvements like encapsulation and foundation drainage upgrades to help keep the water out.

These are some tips that will help you get the foundation repairs done to your home and prevent further damage and costlier repairs. If you need help repairing foundation damage before it gets worse, contact a foundation repair service like J & D Waterproofing to ensure your problems do not continue to grow.