Dealing With Water Damaged Flooring

Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes, and homes can receive water damage from a variety of different sources. The type and severity of the flooding has a huge influence on which elements of your home can be restored and which can be replaced, as well as the methods used to address the damage. While many people think of water damage as something that occurs only as a result of a catastrophic event, serious damage can occur from relatively minor leaks if they go unnoticed for long enough. Read More 

Hydraulic Seal Failure And What Happens Next

Hydraulic seals serve a number of purposes on equally as many machines. Like anything mechanical, they will eventually fail, and hopefully, you will be able to avoid major catastrophe when they do. If you are currently experiencing hydraulic seal failure, and it is minor, then here is what happens next. The Piston Using the Seal to Keep Pressure Under Control Buckles Hydraulic cylinders are essentially pistons under pressure. The hydraulic seals keep that pressure contained and constant. Read More 

2 Not-So-Obvious Signs Of Water Penetrating Your Foundation Walls & What To Do About It

Moisture and dampness in basements are obvious signs that there's a problem that needs to be corrected with waterproofing techniques. However, sometimes the signs aren't so obvious. It all comes down to science and how water causes various things to happen when it penetrates through the concrete of your foundation walls. Here are a few not-so-obvious signs that your basement needs waterproofing.  Two Not-So-Obvious Signs  Here are two signs that you need to take measures to waterproof your basement. Read More 

Creating The Right Crafting And Project Space

If you like to do crafts and create things, then you may be in need of a better area to do these things. If you are like many people, you may have started out spreading a piece of plastic on your garage floor and using that area to take care of projects that include sanding, painting and other preparation. When you become more serious about your crafts, you will of course want to make sure you have a more serious space to do them in. Read More 

How to Stop a Kitchen Fire Before It Gets Out of Control

Kitchen fires are scary, dangerous, and damaging. It's true that you can sometimes stop them before they take hold, but you're likely to still have smoke damage that will need to be professionally dealt with. You'll have to catch the igniting fire very early on in order to prevent this. If you're in the kitchen when the fire starts, you're in the danger zone but you also have a chance to halt the damage. Read More